About Us


"Sree Nandhana Palace" founded by its Chairman Dr.R.Ravichandar with his zeal and dedication forming the foundation stones of its immaculate success story. Since the time of 1997 when venturing into Restaurant business was a not so glamorous affair to the present day of Restaurant services varying into Signature styled modernization, Sree Nandhana Palace has kept its tradition of authentic Andhra cuisine alive and luring into the Andhra food seeking flock of Bengaluru people. Dr.R.Ravichandar's values and beliefs in the service industry have been flagging to glory and inspiration to many budding generation of entrepreneurs.

With Awards and Recognitions in Quality and Pioneering strategies in the Service industry from various Groups, his humble and dignified attitude has not been dithered in the clout of success and glory. The Employees of Sree Nandhana Palace draw inspiration from his prowess and genteel mannerism enhancing the pride factor associated with a prized Brand sown by him.

With a heart bending compassion to philanthropy activities, his service extends into the sympathy seeking eyes of underprivileged people in need.

Mrs.Sarala Ravichandar

Driven by Creativity Mrs.Sarala Ravichandar is amongst those few who testify the tide of time with their composure and integrity at all stages. As referenced by her name 'Sarala' her very presence draws inspiration and respect amongst all class of society with her soft and easy going nature. Mrs.Sarala Ravichandar forms the backbone to "Sree Nandhana Palace" with her intangible intelligence and business sense playing an important and integral part to the existence and growth of this company.